Pastured Chickens for Eggs and Meat

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At Renaissance Farms, we prefer to raise chickens and fowl on grass and with as much freedom as possible.  We choose to use a mobile chicken house rather than the currently popular chicken tractor.  We will be building chicken houses that will be used to shelter layers and meat birds.  Most materials will be sourced from the community waste stream including pallets, corrugated metal, old camper frames, etc.  We will be purchasing sufficient numbers of heritage breed chickens to supply ourselves and our customers with pastured eggs and quality pastured meat.

Your gift does double duty – it helps defray the cost of supplies and materials but it also provides scholarships for up to 15 students who are interested in a hands-on learning experience.  Instruction will include plans and construction of a chicken house, fencing, protection, location, chicken care, and egg handling.

After the initial installation, the Pastured Chicken project will provide ongoing education and demonstration.


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