Fresh goat milk, chilling in the farm sink.

We’ve kept goats for most of the last decade, with the intention of eventually establishing a raw milk dairy and creamery to sell both goat and sheep milk cheeses, yoghurt, skyr, butter, ice cream, and frozen custards.

Our farm was once a cow dairy and so some of the infrastructure still exists in the form of a building with milking parlor and milk room (currently used for growing greens and starts).

The milking parlor needs to be power washed and resealed (floor), the walls and ceiling need to be completely redone, new lighting, updated electric and plumbing, replacement windows, and a retrofit to accommodate goats and sheep. The milk room likewise needs power washing, sealing, walls and ceiling, lights, plumbing and electrics. We’ll need to purchase additional bucket milkers or a milk line system, a small milk tank, and various pieces of equipment for the creamery. We will also need a cheese room for ageing and storing. There is an adjoining room that could be retrofitted for that.

The cost to completely renovate the old milking facility and bring it up to standards to acquire a dairy license is over $40,000. You can support this project here. Check out all that we’re offering our supporters.

$25 – Our thanks in the Raw Milk Dairy course credits, plus one of our favourite dairy recipes.
$50 – All of the above, plus our Dairy Recipes ebook!
$100 – All of the above, plus printable plans of our dairy for you to use and modify!
$250 – All of the above, plus our build process, equipment list, and resources!
$500 – All of the above, plus reports on our operating results for the next 1-3 years.
$1000 – All of the above, plus a one week personal on-farm training on our equipment and process!

If you want to support our project at the upper levels, but don’t have interest in building your own dairy, we will offer those resources in your name to an aspiring dairyperson.

We will develop a course from this experience to be offered through our Farm School program as part of our Permaculture education outreach.

One of our local goat dairies – and the woman who got us started with goats all those years ago – has moved her operation to Maine, leaving a niche for us to fill.

Fresh goat cheese in the making